Wine bottling & packaging

Certified IFS and BRC, we guarantee food safety requirements during all operations from bottling, labelling to the packing of your wines. Our team are equipped to deal with a diverse range of tasks. We have several production lines which allow us to adapt to a large variety of formats (bottles and labelling). With attention to detail and rigorous production processes in place to respond to a wide range of wine and spirits requests, our customers can be confident in receiving a quality service.


We can provide the following services: wine analysis, filtering, bottling and verifying the compliance of dry goods before production begins. Our oenologists are available at all stages of production to ensure that Food Health & Safety standards are rigorously followed.

  • IFS and BRC certificates renewed every year
  • Onsite laboratory
  • Cross-flow filtration
  • A CAPM fermenting room
  • ECOCERT certificate
  • +11 000 hl of nitrogen pressurised stainless steel vats available
prestataire mise en bouteille vin


Wines which have been bottled “au château” are stored in our warehouses under optimum conditions. Once all the dry goods have been brought together, the bottles are then processed through our production line with the strictest adherence to quality and traceability standards.

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Personalised packaging

We provide solutions for our client’s regulatory or marketing demands. Our teams carry out copacking and bespoke Wine & Spirit packaging (front and back labels, gift boxes, repackaging, applying excise duty labels , tamper-proof sealing).

« We are always ready to meet new challenges however demanding or impossible. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the dedication of our teams and their ability to adapt to better serve our customers. »

Frédéric LANTERI, DARTESS Director

Wine and Spirits Logistics and Storage

In a competitive global Wine & Spirits market traceability and customer confidence are essential for a successful distribution network. Dartess provides a bespoke, effective and efficient logistical service whether it is for the French market or export. Utilising WMS software enables Dartess to ensure all operations from delivery to storage to order preparation are carried out under optimal conditions with a minimal turn around period.

Grand Crus & their commensurates

Stored within high security warehouses, we maintain optimal storage conditions and handle with the utmost care the Grands Crus and other exceptional wines and spirits that have been entrusted into our care.  Destined mainly for export we ensure orders comply with all customs and tax requirements e.g. applying strip or tax labels.

Our commitments
  • Confidentiality
  • Accredited “Duty free” or “under bond” warehouse
  • Inventory conformity greater than 99.9%
  • High-security facilities
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We are France’s online wine and spirits logistics leader thanks to our combination of state of the art technology and unique “savoir-faire”. The complex and diverse tasks associated with ever shortening delivery delays require our teams to be organized, flexible and complementary. With these qualities we are able to deliver a 99.75% rate in customer satisfaction.

Our Commitments
  • Order preparation Hour +3
  • Picking and repackaging by the bottle
  • Use of latest IT software
  • Responsive Inventory Management processes
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Mass Market & Export

Our teams’ inbuilt flexibility enables us to adapt to seasonal fluctuations such as “foires aux vins” and the demands of the national and international markets. We can also consolidate orders for export.

Our commitments
  • FIFO stock management
  • Dispatch Day 1 for Day 2
  • Container loading and consolidation services
  • Custom documents management
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Dedicated site

In entrusting Dartess with their logistics operations, our customers are able to take advantage of our wide range of evolving services which utilise the latest technology available. Providing bespoke and cost effective customer solutions enables long term planning and partnerships. Building long term partnerships has become a key component to many leading industry players as operational and economic success becomes entwined with asset management.

Our Commitments
  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Working together to build a long-term partnership
  • Commercial activity based tariffs
  • Optimisation of workforce
site dédié e commerçants

Wine & Spirits transportation solutions

An essential component in the supply chain is the transportation of Wine and Spirits, whether it is in France or further afield. It requires precision, reactivity and high-quality IT skills in order to collect from multiple Chateaux and successfully deliver to final destinations as per client instructions.

Collection from Chateaux

Our modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles are operated by experienced drivers who as our frontline ambassadors endeavour to ensure our customer service delivery expectations are met.

Our Commitments
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Quick to react
  • Professional drivers
  • Real time pick-up notifications
transport climatisé vin spiritueux

Chartered or Parcel Delivery Service

In partnership with our customers aspirations we offer the best “ B2B” delivery service in France. Our vehicles are fitted with the current TMS (Transport Management Service) , which facilitates exchanges between suppliers (vineyards, wine merchants, importers…), our platforms and final destination customers.

Our commitments
  • Carefully selected partners
  • Bespoke transport service
  • Customer service management with our freight forwarders
  • Customer satisfaction (97%)
transport vin spiritueux

Last Mile Delivery

Very much aware of the specific problems created by delivery in an urban area we coordinate CHR (Cafés or Wine merchants – Hotels – Restaurants) deliveries for our customers from our dedicated Parisian warehouse.

Our committed customer service trained operatives combined with clear and simple rates allows our distributors to provide a high quality service.

Our commiment
  • Reliable trackingReliable tracking
  • Trustworthy
  • Quick reactions
  • Competitive rates
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Non stop Dartess shuttle service

To meet our customer demands a regular shuttle service using refrigerated vehicles now operates to our largest consumer markets throughout Europe.

For eg. :
  • Bordeaux to Paris daily
  • Bourgogne to Paris daily
  • Bourgogne to Bordeaux weekly
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Customs, Regulations, Consultation

As Wine and Spirits can be bought and sold quicker than ever before, the processing and understanding of complex regulations and tax implications become critical in providing an effective and efficient delivery process. L’Agence de Dartess groups together our consulting and training courses, which are available to industry professionals.

Regulatory Obligations

The Custom and Tax regulations associated with the Wine and Spirits industry are complex and constantly evolving. As an accredited warehouse provider we manage all our customers Customs procedures and obligations
For example: DRM (Déclarations Récapitulatives Mensuelles) a French Customs administrative document used to declare a quantity of wine that has entered and left a warehouse for Customs Duty purposes.
Other examples are: stock management of CRD caps (to show excise paid), creation or validation of EAD’s – we can take care of all of this, so that you don’t have to.

Our Commitments
  • Stock records management
  • Supplying Export paperwork
  • Duty free (RFSE – goods destined for export) accreditation
  • Under bond accreditation


Our experts will guide you through the mandatory regulations and help advise you on, which of our services fit your requirements.

Mission accomplished
  • 15% increase in optimised storage capacity in a 5000m² warehouse
  • Reduced logistics costs by 7% on a specific site
  • Successfully guided a client through the process of changing their Customs status from Formule 1 to Formule 2 (private to public warehouse status.)
  • Administrative teams trained in Customs regulations