wines and spirits
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At the turn of the millennium Dartess was born to meet the growing demands of the Bordeaux Wine and Spirits industry. Today we have successfully built an innovative specialised company with a personal touch. Dartess rises up to meet the evolving requirements of the Wine & Spirits Industry.

A subsidiary of Groupe Tesson, a family business established in 1919, Dartess comes from over 100 years of experience in IT and logistics. By applying good practice and innovative thinking to our unique industry we are at the forefront of professionalising the trades of wine storage, bottling, order preparation and transportation as well as the management of Customs and Excise duties.

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Our mission

«In providing industry adapted logistic services we enable all players in the Wine & Spirits industry to specialise in their diverse fields whilst innovating and facilitating the relationships between professionals.»

In today’s highly competitive international market, we offer our clients bespoke services to alleviate the burden of increasingly complex but essential procedures. With each client we develop a bespoke logistics and packaging service adapted to their individual requirements. We guarantee quality and cost control regardless of you being a proprietor of a Chateau, a wine merchant, an ecommerce company, a sales representative or a Grand Cru importer, a personalised customer experience will be designed to suit your needs.

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Bottling and Labelling

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Bespoke Wines & Spirits storage and logistics solutions

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Specialised transportation services for Wines and Spirits

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Customs and Excise,
Legislation and Consultation

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A customer-first approach

Aiming to develop the company and improve its overall performance we have adopted an ambitious customer – first approach. We want our staff to have a sense of purpose in their work commitments.

It is in this way that we endeavour to constantly improve the services on offer. As a Wine & Spirits Logistics specialist we enable our clients to improve their reactivity and service quality in order to better satisfy their own customers needs.

Our company grows to be ever more flexible through developing new services, reacting to a changing market, digitalizing processes, optimising the Internet of things, sharing reliable information and innovative management systems.

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DARTESS Key Figures

290 employees

105.000 m² secure warehouses

16 warehouses

30 M€ turnover

260 million bottles entrusted to us each year