With over 20 years of experience and savoir-faire, the men and women of Dartess can be considered as experts in serving the needs Wine and Spirits industry. It is in our company’s DNA to adapt to the evolving needs of wine storage, mastering logistics operations, bottling, complying with regulations and providing a reliable transportation service. Acting like a genuine Wine and Spirits marketplace, Dartess has become a window into the viticultural sector.

Check out all our latest news and contributions to a constantly changing industry.

  1. In the press

    Bunkers for fine wines

    Pour ceux qui ont connu cet entrepôt jadis, à l’époque de la SED ou de Mitsiu, les temps…

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    Newsletter 10

    JOURNAL-dartess-N°10 HD

  3. Newsletter

    DARTESS NEWS March 2016

    César Compadre, a journalist in south-west France, wrote a column in early February: “A bright future for wine…

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    New Years’s eve rush – 15 million bottles!

    L’exploit du réveillon ! 15 millions de bouteilles sur les bonnes tables, le bon jour Beaucoup vont ouvrir…

  5. In the press

    Dartess completes modernisation work on it’s premises, investing €2.5 Million

    Photo et lien vers l’article de vitisphère : http://www.vitisphere.com/actualite-73013-Bordeaux-Dartess-investit-25-millions-deuros-dans-la-logistique-des-vins.htm